Our driveway specialists were asked to install a new durable driveway that was hard wearing and would be easy to maintain. We recommended tegula paving to our customers and they agreed that this would work well for their new driveway.

We had to dig up an old block paving driveway before we could install the new one. There was also some old turf that needed removing along with an old garden path.

Once we had finished digging up the area with our grab lorry, we could prepare the base. A layer of sand was laid on top of this. The new driveway needed new ACCO drains installed and a soak away was laid around the property.

The next step was to lay a layer of concrete on to the whole area which was then leveled off.

We started laying the tegula paving.  Our clients chose a dark grey coloured edging that was placed around one side of the property creating a half moon shaped border. We used a few more of these tegula blocks on the other side of the driveway entrance. Another border was laid going around the driveway and down the pathway to the side of the property using a trombone charcoal coloured edging. Inside of this, we laid ash coloured tegula paving blocks. To make the driveway look more effective, we used 3 different sizes which our clients loved.

Our customers in Kent wanted their new driveway to look unique and that is what they got. They were so happy with their new tegula driveway.

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