Colnewhite black block paving garden patio grass 03

Loving the work we have completed recently in Colne, more importantly our Colne Householders think the same and are loving their new driveways, patios and gardens. The work we have done is shown in our Projects Section and includes a lot of Patios and Driveways (block paved, resin and tarmac) in Colne in the last few months, just for fun we found some conversations we had with our Colne Customers which initiated these projects:

I would like a free quote on patio and driveway work we chatted about today. Need small drive and small area of path replacing with resin surface, additionally need a wooden garden shelter with roof 4m x 5m, are you able to build these?

Our existing Colne Patio to be leveled and lay slabs. Area is 3.5m x 3.3m Approx 12 square metres Area by channel drains to be filled and leveled with existing patio base. I have patio slabs already to match the existing. Should be 1 days work.

We are looking at replacing the driveway to one of our houses in Colne. Please could you let me know, if your able to quote for the works? I am a local landlord and have been told good things about Stone Made Drives and look forward to meeting you as I have a few properties I would want you to look at and quote for.

I am in the process of purchasing a house in Colne. The survey has identified some movement of the rear patio and has recommended a CCTV inspection to exclude any drainage issues. There are 2 inspection pits (one at front and one at rear of the property), however the rear manhole has been covered by soil and flagstones and is not currently accessible. I’ve been advised to have the manhole raised to the patio level, is this something you would undertake? If so please could you provide me with a quote, if it’s not something you could do, please can you advise me who might undertake this work?

Your quoted price for the garden work is accepted, I have been in touch with the gas people to find out about their work schedule and will let you know re your start time by the end of this week but is looking as if can be ok ASAP.

Work now to be a railway sleeper wall as discussed to replace the old in disrepair. The new wall with the integrated steps to be built as agreed. I await your quotes on the other work mentioned, and once i have this to hand we can discuss in more detail.

You are doing a rear patio and retaining wall for me. We are ready to go whenever you are, as I said at the time there is no great hurry but if you could give me a rough date I can book some holiday it would be great. Also I need to choose colours etc. when you come back to Colne give me a shout and I can meet you to discuss this.

Need a mini sinkhole sorted out and other nearby weak areas dealt with in our communal tarmac parking area in Colne. I can forwards photos if that is helpful. If this is the type of work you do, I would be pleased to hear from you.

We are having an extension and will need to re do our drive. Currently outside our house there is a grassed area which we will remove and have as a drive. We are unsure of what to go with in terms of cost and durability, so it would be useful to have a discussion about this first. Would you be able help?

As discussed, please find attached drawings of a site we have in Colne . As I said we have already completed the paving in front of our house for the previous owner that loved your service.

There remains approximately 700m2 of paving of which 600m2 are Keyblocks on sand 200m2 are Priora blocks on grit.If this is of interest, please supply your m2 rate (including the brushing in and potentially sealing all materials will be supplied by us.Also your availability, we have approx. 2 artic loads of blocks on site 300m2

Need a new drive way for a bungalow on a private road in Colne. T shape area, approximately 60m2. Really want a budget driveway but an option which is low maintenance, will last and will withstand the weight of 2 to 3 cars