Security Post Bollards

Security Posts are used to protect the perimeter around an area, either in front of a parking space or to the entrance of a building. They are now becoming very popular with home owners in Lancashire.

We get asked by many of our clients to install these security posts to the front of their property usually when they have a new driveway installed. These will add protection to your home and will stop your car, trailer, van or caravan from being stolen from your driveway.

Our Security Posts are made from steel, are fully telescopic and are easy to see. They can be installed to the front, back or even the side of your property. Once installed, the posts can be pulled up from the ground manually. They can then be locked into place.

Automatic bollards are also available. These are operated by a keypad, control panel, remote control or a GSM dial in. There are many ranges to choose from, all with different specifications. If you are not sure what type of Security Bollard to go for, then our expert team can help. We can supply and installed the best type of security posts that will protect your property for many years. They are a great investment that no property owner should be without.

If you are thinking about having a new driveway, then why not consider having these security posts installed at the same time. We can come out at a time that is convenient to you and give you a free no obligation quote.

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Want to protect and secure your premises against ram raids or illegal parking? Security posts are commonly used to protect properties as well as loading bay doors, driveways and forecourts, shops, warehouses and stores.

They are also used in car parks as well as pedestrianised areas. The posts fit into a socket embedded in concrete for added security and a key is used to effectively raise or lower the unit. Approved by Local Government Authorities and Police, these security posts are highly recommended by insurance companies.