Brickwork Services – Brick Walls & Steps

Our team can build walls, barbeques and other structures made of brickwork. So, if you need to compliment your driveway area with protective walls, or enhance a patio area with a planting area or fire pit, then we can incorporate those too.

Curved walls, contemporary steps, or simply stunning protective boundaries – whatever your brickwork needs, we can accommodate it.

If you live anywhere in Lancashire including Bury and Burnley or any other town or village then Stone Made Drives will respond to your request for a quote promptly. Call us today.


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From driveways to steps and larger brickwork structures, our team are fully experienced and insured to work at your property in a safe manner.

We will quote for the supply of all materials and fitting. We will also leave your space safe whilst we work.

We will talk to you about your ideas, whether it is a certain style you would like or a contrasting colour scheme.

Using different types of brick gives our customers the choice to build unique brickwork structures which add style and definition to your space.


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We know just how important it is to define a space using brickwork skills – not only to add kerb appeal but to give an increased feeling of security.

Our area of expertise, when it comes to brickwork is for retaining walls to patios and BBQ areas. We are able to turn an unloved space into a tidy and smart place to be proud of.

We don’t simply build walls, we create them. We will combine your ideas with your needs, design the brickwork creatively and will ensure that the projects we carry out fit in with your space beautifully.

Our qualified bricklayers have had many years of experience with brickwork, blockwork and repointing. We have built brick walls for many of our residential customers in Lancashire. We use traditional methods and good quality materials with every brickwork project we undertake.

A brick wall can help to protect your property, keeping it highly secure and giving you the privacy needed for you and your family. We can build you a brick wall around your front and back garden in the style and colour of your choice. If you would really like to enhance the look of your new garden wall, then we can use more than one colour brick.


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We can replace your old picket fence with a brand new brick wall

If you have an area where you like to entertain your guests, then we can build you a brick built BBQ. This can match the brick walls you already have around your home.

If you have an old brick wall that needs repairing or repointing, then contact Stone Made Drives. We can replace brickwork that has corroded due to bad weather conditions.

We can supply and fit a secure timber or metal gate to your new brick wall. Double gates are also an option if you have a driveway that leads into your front or back garden.


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Here at Stone Made Drives, our expert team of professional landscapers are able to design and build walls to fit in with your current outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to add a wall to your garden or driveway area, or want to completely transform your outdoor areas, Stone Made Drives is here to help. From simple brick, stone or brick/ block walls, we can organise any or all of these for you! Want to know more about our wall and brickwork services throughout Lancashire and Cheshire? Let our team help you.

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