Here at Stone Made Drives we have a range of different driveway services, with all different materials. Tarmac is becoming more and more popular for different reasons, and can look more contemporary in your driveway than some other surfaces. They may not look as sophisticated as some of our block paving services, but they look minimalistic and require very little maintenance. Therefore, if you live a very busy lifestyle, you may want to consider our tarmacking services.

Tarmac is very easy to install- with most driveway materials you will have to dig out the existing driveway, and a bedding layer will have to be applied first. But, with Tarmac, it can just be applied after your current driveway has been removed. Tarmac is a quick and easy job, due to it being applied hot, whilst it cools the particles bind together and then once fully cooled it will set and be fine to walk on.

Tarmac is used on roads throughout the UK mainly for its durability, it is a very strong surface and very resilient. You can park heavy vehicles on it easily, without damaging the material whereas with products such as block paving there is the chance of the material cracking, or becoming displaced and therefore not as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Tarmac is a lot cheaper than most other driveway materials, if you are looking for an appeal driveway- however you don’t want to brake your wallet in the process consider using tarmac. The material is very durable, and resilient ensuring it will last a long time, meaning it is great value for money. Tarmac is very customisable and available in different colours, you can customise it to your taste with a variety of borders available, to outline your home and finish off your driveway perfectly!

Stone Made Driveways Lancashire have a range of driveway services that will accommodate your needs, whether that is a more sophisticated or contemporary vibe. Tarmac is perfect for little maintenance and value for money, therefore if you are constantly on the go this will be perfect for you!