Block Paved Driveway in Bolton

As you might have already guessed, driveways are one of the many specialised solutions provided by Stone Made Drives. Not only must a driveway offer a reliable sense of durability, but it should also be appealing to behold. In fact, the installation of a new surface may even increase the value of your property. These are some of the very same issues which we discussed with a recent customer in Bolton who required an entirely new driveway. How does our team tackle such as project and perhaps more importantly, what was the final outcome? Let’s examine both of these questions.

More Than Simply “Scratching the Surface”

Preparation is key to success when performing any type of exterior renovation and this observation is just as true when referring to a new driveway. Thus, we first stripped away the existing materials before levelling the subsurface. A membrane of durable plastic sheeting was then installed before covering this sheet with a layer of fresh earth.

These steps always help to ensure that the new materials will sit properly in place. Furthermore, they address any potential drainage issues that might otherwise become concerns over time. After all, the longevity of our driveways is one of the main reasons why customers choose to work with our team.

The Installation of Block Paving Stones

Block paving stones are a functionally beautiful way to spruce up any existing driveway. They are highly resistant to the elements and their visual appeal cannot be denied. After discussing the different possibilities with the customer, we chose to employ a herringbone pattern. The interlocking design of these bricks provides structural stability and in the rare event that a single brick is damaged, it can be easily replaced. Needless to say, block paving stones are a popular choice in these modern times.

A Much-Needed Overhaul

These stones were then complimented with a white brick border; further punctuating the appearance of the new driveway. The fact that each of the stones was laid by hand is a further testament to the experience that our team brings to the table. Once again, the customer was extremely happy with the final product.

Whether your driveway is in desperate need of repairs or you wish to change the appearance of your garden, Stone Made Drives will not disappoint. Please complete our online contact form or give us a call. We can then schedule a time to speak in person in order to discuss your options in more detail.