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Great Harwood Block Paved Driveway

The Great Harwood project involved the comprehensive redesign and construction of a 320 square meter driveway, employing the Tobermore brand Pedesta Paving. The aim was to deliver a durable, visually appealing, and high-quality driveway solution.

Before Transformation: The initial driveway surface was an aged, tarmac area that appeared weathered and outdated. It lacked the visual appeal and sophistication expected of a prominent residential property.

Design and Materials: The design strategy incorporated Tobermore Pedesta Paving to achieve a robust and attractive finish. Charcoal edging framed the driveway, providing a sharp contrast, while a brindle-colored insert was laid in a 45° pattern for a dynamic aesthetic effect.

Construction Details: Preparation involved the excavation of the previous surface and the careful installation of the new block paving. The use of Tobermore products ensured a finish that is both pleasing to the eye and capable of withstanding the demands of driveway traffic.

After Transformation: Post-construction, the property boasted an expansive, elegant block paved driveway, greatly enhancing the home’s entrance. The combination of charcoal and brindle pavers resulted in a striking and sophisticated look that is expected to maintain its appeal for years to come.

Project Duration: The renovation was completed efficiently, adhering to the scheduled timeline and ensuring minimal disruption to the homeowners.

Client Feedback: The property owners were delighted with the final outcome, expressing satisfaction with the dramatic improvement in the appearance and functionality of their driveway.

Conclusion: The Block Paving Driveway project in Great Harwood was a substantial upgrade, offering an exemplary balance between practicality and style. It has effectively transformed the approach to the property, underlining the impact of high-quality materials and thoughtful design in property enhancement.

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