Our skilled workers recently completed a remarkable transformation of a garden, incorporating Indian Sandstone Patios and artificial grass to create a stunning outdoor space. The project involved a meticulous split design, with half of the area dedicated to a beautiful patio made of Indian Sandstone. The other half was expertly fitted with high-quality artificial grass, providing a low-maintenance and green space.

The process began with careful planning and preparation, ensuring proper leveling and excavation for both the patio and the artificial grass section. Our workers then skillfully laid the Indian Sandstone, paying close attention to precise placement and alignment, resulting in a visually appealing and sturdy patio surface.

Simultaneously, the artificial turf installation involved meticulous measurements and professional cutting to fit the designated area seamlessly. The artificial grass was expertly laid, ensuring a realistic appearance and a comfortable texture underfoot.

To complete the project, our workers meticulously cleaned up the site, leaving the garden transformed with a harmonious blend of Indian Sandstone patios and a vibrant artificial grass area. The result is a visually striking and versatile outdoor space that combines the natural beauty of Indian Sandstone with the low maintenance and aesthetic appeal of artificial grass