charcoal paving limestone gravel lancashire 16

Project Overview: The project involves the installation of Tobermore Tagura Charcoal Paving complemented by Limestone Gravel to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space for a residential property.

Before Installation: The initial stage consisted of the garden space with bare ground prepped for paving. Our team can be seen measuring and discussing, thoroughly finalising the layout and preparing for the paving process.

During Installation: The intermediate stage of the project reveals the progress made with the paving slabs laid out in a staggered pattern, providing a robust and durable surface for the patio area. The team worked effectively and quickly after the surface was prepped and ready. We use the best quality equipment and materials, ensuring each job is completed to the utmost standards of excellence and durability.

After Installation: The final stage showcases the completed patio area with Tobermore Tagura Charcoal Paving fully installed, creating a uniform and clean look. The edges are now defined with Limestone Gravel, which contrasts with the charcoal paving, enhancing the overall design. The space is now transformed into a usable patio area, ready for outdoor furniture or landscaping elements to be added.

Final Thoughts: The combination of the dark, textured paving stones and the light-coloured gravel creates a contemporary look that is both stylish and practical. The project reflects the careful planning and skilled workmanship that our team bring to every job, resulting in an inviting outdoor space that complements the modern aesthetic of the residential property. The client was very impressed with the results.