Multiple Driveway Block Paving Project in Bury

There are certain projects which tend to leave a lasting impression once they are completed. This is particularly the case when dealing with larger areas or in the event that we are asked to address unique challenges. Of course, Stone Made Drives always rises to the occasion and we are eager to take on projects of virtually any size.

A recent job in Bury clearly illustrates the points mentioned above. This project was also interesting due to the fact that we were asked to simultaneously renovate three interconnected driveways. What strategies did we employ and what materials were involved? Read below the find out the answers!

The Initial Estimate and Preparation

It was first crucial to consult with all parties involved. The main goal was to understand their desires as well as to explain the different stages of the project. This also provides a superior level of transparency in order to ensure that no unexpected surprises occur along the way.

We then began by removing a series of old block paving slabs that had been damaged over time. Many were cracked and the majority had shifted from their intended positions. Thus, an entire overhaul was required. Once these were addressed, we flattened, compacted and levelled the surface so that it could support the subsequent block paving stones.

Block Paving at a Glance

We elected to use charcoal-coloured stones laid out in a herringbone pattern for the interior of the driveway surface. A herringbone configuration provides a unique visual “personality” and this pattern also ensures greater levels of stability. In other words, they would not shift out of position. The interior of the driveway was thereafter edged with light grey bricks in conjunction with 45-degree Patton charcoal paving. This border was also distinctive due to its curved shape. Thus, an entirely one-of-a-kind design was created and this type of block paving complimented the exteriors of all three homes.

Making Light Work Out of a Large Task

When a driveway is used by multiple customers, it is important that everyone is “on the same page” from the beginning. This is why they were kept informed during each stage of the project. In terms of an aesthetic “facelift”, few would argue with the final results.

Do you have similar requirements? Would you like to learn more about the benefits of block paving? From small driveways and walkways to extra-large garden patios, we are only moments away. Please take a few minutes to contact us. We can then set up a convenient time to speak at greater length.