Lift and Relay Block Paving Project in Colne

There are many times when the experts at Stone Made Drives are asked to install entirely new patios, walkways and driveways. However, a handful of instances might instead require nothing more than a bit of tender loving care. Not only can spectacular results be achieved, but this may also represent the best solution for those who are dealing with a limited budget. Let’s quickly review a recent project in Colne to appreciate the options at your disposal.

A Quick Overview

Our customer was not happy with the condition of the existing patio. The surfaces had become discoloured and many bricks had shifted from the proper positions. After an in-depth consultation, it was decided that the most logical approach was to remove the stones and to clean them before they would be set back into place. So, what exactly was involved?

The Process of Lifting and Re-Laying Bricks

The first step was to manually extract each brick by hand. Although this was a slightly time-consuming process, it also ensured that no further damage would occur. The stones themselves would thereafter be jet washed to remove any surface stains. This successfully restored them to their former glory. However, the work was not yet completed.

We also made it a point to install a new foundation membrane (a type of plastic cavity intended to allow water to drain away from beneath the patio in the event of heavy rains). Soil was placed atop this membrane before it was levelled and compacted.

The bricks were then placed into their correct positions by hand before sand was placed between their joints. The final step involved applying a coat of sealant. This sealant will help the bricks to retain their natural tones while also providing a effective barrier against the elements.

The End Result

Not only was this project completed within a relatively short amount of time, but the patio itself was provided with a new lease on life. Thanks to the sealant that was applied, the customer can expect years of continuous enjoyment with few maintenance concerns.

Might you require a similar solution for your patio or walkway? If so, the first step is to contact us directly. We can then schedule an on-site appointment as well as explain how we will address your unique concerns. Why settle for the rest when Stone Made Drives offers the best?