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Out with the Old and in with the New

Our Recent Patio Project in Edgen

Take a few moments to think about the elements which serve to define a stunning garden. Landscaping, fencing, the proper lighting, and quality brickwork are some of the most common answers. While the team at Stone Made Drives has been providing these and other options for more than 25 years, we are just talented in regard to our patios. Let’s take a look at a recent project so that you can better appreciate what to expect as well as why we are your go-to source when nothing but the best will suffice.

Size Doesn’t Matter

We were contacted by a customer in Edgen who wished to breathe new life into an existing patio. Similar to all of our projects, we began by providing an in-depth consultation so that we could better appreciate what the job itself entailed. This also allowed us to develop a working and transparent relationship with the client. Although this project was somewhat smaller than the other tasks which we have undertaken in the past, quality has never been defined by size. We created a “game plan” soon after the initial analysis was completed.

Addressing the Existing Patio

Many of the projects undertaken by the team at Stone Made Drives involve a fair amount of preparatory work. After all, it is crucial to begin from a strong foundation. In reference to this job, we first had to remove a series of existing concrete slabs that comprised the previous patio. Once these were no longer present, it was important to level the subsoil so that a flat surface could be provided for the new slabs that were soon to be put into place. We were then able to tackle the bulk of the project itself.

Taking Dimensions Into Account

While this patio was relatively small, it was not without its fair share of challenges. It was required to wrap around the exterior of the home and to blend seamlessly with the existing masonry. This is why our professionals will spend a significant amount of time determining what type of surface is the most appropriate. Although we provide options such as imprinted concrete, porcelain and block paving, we decided to employ large slabs in order to tie the entire garden together.

Completing a “Jigsaw Puzzle”

There are many different ways in which stone slabs can be laid. However, one of the most attractive strategies is to employ numerous sizes so that the resulting patio is provided with a bespoke sense of depth. This is also quite challenging, as each slab must fit perfectly with the others (similar to playing a game of Tetris). Having said this, our team also had to take into account peripheral angles while ensuring that the stones were placed flush against the exterior of the home.

Furthermore, we chose stone slabs of various hues. This was an excellent way to break up what may otherwise appear to be a rather dull surface. It was likewise important to take into account drainage concerns so that pooling water would be avoided during periods of heavy rain. Once the logistics were addressed, the actual work began.

Unlike projects involving the use of materials such as tarmac or concrete, fitting stone slabs together requires a level of precision that can only be achieved with a professional eye and an appreciable amount of manual labour. There are also a handful of functional benefits which cannot be taken lightly. The colours of natural stone slabs will not fade over time. Their surfaces are highly resistant to wear and tear while anti-slip properties are important in terms of safety.

While such jobs may be more intensive and laying large stones requires a fair amount of effort, the fact of the matter is that the final results are also quite rewarding.

Adding the Finishing Touches

It is often the smallest elements that can have a profound impact upon any project. This is the reason why Stone Made Drives chose to place block edging around the outside circumference of the patio. Not only did these stones visually tie the entire area together, but they simultaneously helped to reinforce and strengthen the mortar joints between the interior slabs themselves. Once these elements were properly addressed, we thoroughly cleaned the entire surface and placed all furniture back into place.

No Job Too Large or Too Small

The best things sometimes come in smaller packages. Our recent project in Edgen is a perfect representation of this mantra. We are extremely pleased with the final outcome and naturally, the team at Stone Made Drives is happy to add yet another satisfied customer to our growing list.

Although we are always happy to offer bespoke patio solutions, please note that we can provide additional services including:

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