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There are many ways in which the aesthetic appeal and practicality of a property can be enhanced. One of the most common scenarios involves resurfacing a driveway that has fallen victim to time and the elements. It is therefore no surprise that the team at Stone Made Drives is often contacted to provide an in-depth consultation before a final decision is made.

A Preston property owner recently adopted this very same approach in regard to their existing driveway. What solutions did we provide and how did these effectively transform the appearance of the entire home? Let’s quickly examine why we are the only solution when quality counts.

Block Paving Stones

It was decided that block paving stones represented the most viable solutions for several reasons. Some benefits that clients can expect to enjoy include:

  • Block paving stones do not require any mortar to remain in place.
  • They provide excellent drainage characteristics.
  • The blocks are available in a wide array of tones.
  • Customers can choose bespoke patterns in order to display a personalised flavour.

In this case, a herringbone layout was deemed to be the most appropriate. Grey tones were likewise employed for the main surface, as these helped to compliment the red brick exterior of the home.

Brickwork and More

There were nonetheless a handful of other issues that our team addressed. One of these involved the creation of a series of cream-coloured edging stones that were placed around the periphery of the driveway. These provided an additional aesthetic appeal while simultaneously locking the interior herringbone pattern into place.

We likewise created a brick retaining wall around the back and one side of the driveway. This wall will prevent erosion and it also compliments the walls of the home; offering what can only be called a balanced overall appeal. Ultimately, this block-paved driveway breathed new life into the entire property and it certainly transformed its exterior appearance.

Driveways and Much More

Our team was very happy with the outcome of this project and you can experience the very same type of upgrade. However, it is possible to select from a host of other services. From general landscaping and brickwork to artificial grass, fencing and patios, we are your go-to garden specialists.

To learn more or to schedule a no-obligation appointment, please complete our online contact form. We will be in touch shortly!