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Block paving slabs are a common driveway surfacing option and yet, even these seemingly immortal materials will eventually need to be replaced. This was the very same situation that the team at Stone Made Drives had to remediate after we were contacted by a client in Burnley.

How did the process unfold? What solutions did we provide? If you wish to learn more about the benefits of working with our experts, the information outlined below will be quite informative.

A Bit Worse for Wear

It was immediately apparent that the existing concrete paving slabs had become damaged over the years. Not only were they failing to serve any real functional purpose, but they had begun to detract from the appearance of an otherwise stunning property. So, the first step involved the removal of these slabs. We then levelled the subsurface so that a solid foundation could be covered with the subsequent block paving stones.

The Addition of Block Paving Stones

Not only did the inclusion of block paving stones compliment the brick exterior of the home, but the creation of a stunning herringbone pattern further provided a sense of contemporary class. The charcoal grey interior bricks were then accented with use of lighter blocks that served as a border. Although this project was rather straightforward in nature when compared to some of our other undertakings, the results were just as impressive.

Note that block paving is one of the many options which you can choose from your driveway. If you are keen to learn about other surfacing solutions as well as the additional services that we have to offer, please send us a quick message. We can then schedule a time to participate in a hands-on consultation.