Block-Paved Patio and Driveway in Bury

There is much to be said about a home that is able to offer a quaint and traditional appeal. Indeed, these very same qualities serve to define countless homes throughout the United Kingdom. The only issue is that exterior elements can become damaged and degraded over time. This is even more relevant when discussing surfaces that are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Driveways and patios are two prime examples.

So, it did not come as a surprise when we were recently contacted by a property owner in Bury. The client wanted to discuss the various options associated with resurfacing their existing patio and driveway. Let’s quickly examine how the team at Stone Made Drives approached this project.

The Hassle-Free Consultation

Every journey begins with the first step. In terms of block paving patios and driveways, this involves speaking directly with the client. We are able to obtain a hands-on view of the property while discussing the available surfacing options. It was immediately clear that the existing surfaces had seen better days and a full replacement was warranted. We finally decided that block paving stones represented the most viable solution. What makes these materials so popular and why are they featured within many Bury properties?

The Numerous Benefits of Block Paving Stone

The most obvious advantage of block paving stones is their unabashedly stunning visual characteristics. They come in a wide range of colours, and it is possible to create numerous surface patterns. In this case, a herringbone design was the most attractive solution. However, there are other benefits that can be attributed to these stones:

They can be used to create a traditional ambience.
No mortar is required between the joints. The stones themselves hold one another firmly in place.
They offer excellent drainage characteristics.
The stones are extremely durable.
These types of driveways and patios require very little maintenance.
We can now begin to see why Stone Made Drives has specialised in these options for years.

An Artistic Flair

A great deal of talent is also required when laying these stones in place, as each one needs to be manipulated by hand and the underlying surface is required to be completely flat. While the process takes a bit of time, the final result is certainly worth the initial labour.

The wraparound nature of this patio/driveway/walkway combination was further enhanced thanks to the installation of a white stone border. Such a border helps to provide an eye-catching appeal and in this case, it matched nearby elements such as window trim.

The Completed Package

What was once a worn-out driveway and patio quickly transformed itself into a veritable work of art thanks to the help of Stone Made Drives. If you are hoping to similarly upgrade the appearance of your home, there is no better time than the present to contact one of our professionals. We can then schedule a consultation in the near future. We hope to hear from you soon!