Three-Level Patio in Burnley

We often associate patios with flat and level surfaces. While this is normally the case, there are also times when the professionals at Stone Made Drives are asked to rise to the occasion in order to provide an entirely unique solution. One example of our flexibility can be seen in a recently completed project in Burnley. The customer initially approached us to discuss various options as well as to determine how we would deal with uneven surfaces during the installation itself. Let’s take a look at the process as well as the final results.

Addressing the Task at Hand: The Consultation

One of the challenges associated with this undertaking involved the fact that the garden was located on an incline. It was immediately obvious that a slanted patio would hardly suffice. We therefore decided to create three separate levels that could be connected with a series of steps. This is actually similar to the process that farmers use when growing crops on a hillside in order to create flat terraces.

Thus, a fair amount of preparation was required before the paving slabs could be put into place. This mainly involved removing existing debris before compacting and levelling the subsoil. This type of foundation is crucial, as the patio may otherwise shift from its original position over time. It also helps to avoid future drainage issues (a particular concern with hilly properties).

Installing the Patio

We agreed with the customer that the most appropriate material for the bulk of the patio would be Indian sandstone. These types of paving slabs are easy to work with, lightweight and yet extremely durable. Their semi-porous nature also allows water to the soil beneath; helping to eliminate common issues such as pooling water. The aesthetic beauty of Indian sandstone is another point to mention. It is available in a wide array of colours, so it can be easily matched with nearby elements such as the exterior of a home.

The visual appeal of these paving slabs was then enhanced through the use of bespoke brickwork )including retaining walls) and a charcoal border. We also added a curved feature that served to further compliment the presence of a nearby conservatory. This helped to tie the entire project together while providing the patio with a decidedly personalised appeal.

A Cut Above the Rest

Of course, none of this would have been possible without first scheduling a hands-on consultation with the Burnley client. This provided us with the opportunity to understand their personal tastes while also performing a hassle-free inspection of the garden. Such an approach likewise helps to ensure that no unexpected surprises crop up during the installation process.

Keep in mind that this is only one of the many services which Stone Made Drives proudly offers customers throughout Burnley and nearby communities. If you wish to learn more, take a moment to contact one of our team leaders. We can schedule an appointment to examine your options in greater detail.