Clithroe Block Paving Driveway Project

When was the last time that you had your driveway resurfaced or replaced? When we remember that even the most durable materials will eventually fall victim to natural wear and tear, upgrades are simply yet another portion of property management. The team at Stone Made Drives has been providing quality solutions for a number of years and regardless of the project itself, we will always rise to the occasion. Let’s look at a recent driveway in Clithroe and what was involved.

The Importance of Replacing a Damaged Driveway

The existing asphalt driveway within this property had become worn down over time. While patches were used on occasion, the owner finally decided that a change was in order. There are several reasons why a replacement may be needed on occasion. These include:

  • Ongoing maintenance can become extremely costly.
  • The nearby area may suffer from additional issues such as poor drainage or even safety risks.
  • A new driveway adds to the aesthetic appeal of any home.

After a lengthy discussion with the customer, it was decided that block paving stones would be used to replace the existing asphalt surface.

What Steps Did We Take?

The first task involved removing the asphalt and any associated debris that would hinder the installation process. We then needed to flatten and compact the subsurface. This would provide a firm and even base for the subsequent block paving stones while ensuring that water could drain away property in the event of heavy rain.

We placed the block paving stones in what is known as a “herringbone” pattern; a style known for its beauty and sense of elegance. Another benefit of this technique is that the stones firmly lock one another into place. This is obviously important in terms of longevity. The final step involved placing white brick edging around the periphery of the driveway. This colour also tied the surface together with exterior elements of the home.

Beauty and Functionality

The professionals at Stone Made Drives have always believed that beauty and functionality should enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship when undertaking any driveway project. The good news is that were were able to achieve both within a relatively short amount of time. The client was pleased with the outcome and we were happy to provide such targeted levels of assistance.

Does your driveway suffer from similar issues? Has its surface become worn down or damaged? If so, it is much better to address these problems before they evolve into frustratingly costly situations. If you would like to speak with our team or you hope to schedule a no-obligation consultation, please take a few moments to contact us directly.