colne artificial grass sleepers different levels 01colne artificial grass sleepers different levels 02

Our recent project in Colne involved the installation of artificial grass and sleepers in a compact garden. The unique aspect of this project was the creation of two different levels with the addition of steps.

Our dedicated team executed the project with exceptional skill and precision, ensuring that the artificial grass and sleepers were seamlessly integrated into the design. Despite the challenge of working with two levels, our team delivered outstanding results that exceeded the client’s expectations.

The compact garden now boasts a visually striking landscape, with the artificial grass providing a lush and low-maintenance green area. The carefully placed sleepers add a touch of elegance and structure to the space, creating defined levels and enhancing the overall aesthetics.

We take pride in our team’s ability to tackle unique projects and deliver exceptional outcomes. The clients were delighted with the final result, and their satisfaction serves as a testament to the outstanding workmanship and attention to detail demonstrated by our team.