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Contrasting Block Paving Project

Are you satisfied with the current appearance of your garden? Might it instead be time for a much-needed change in terms of aesthetics and functionality? In the latter scenario, one of the best ways to transform the entire area is to employ bespoke block paving solutions.

Stone Made Drives has been providing unique block paving options for more than two decades and we always strive to rise to the occasion by addressing the personal tastes of each customer. So, it is no surprise that we were contacted by a property owner who wished to learn more about how block paving stones could accentuate their garden. Let’s take a look at how this project unfolded.

The Advantages of Block Paving Stones

There are many reasons why this type of surfacing option has become amazingly popular in recent times. Here are a handful of benefits that customers can enjoy when selecting block paving stones:

  • These stones offer a traditional appeal within contemporary settings.
  • They will not require any mortar between their joints (allowing the blocks to expand and contract with weather changes).
  • The stones are available in a wide array of sizes, shapes and colours.
  • It is possible to create one-of-a-kind patterns.
  • This last point is specifically important to emphasise, as the customer desired a surfaced area that would add a touch of class to the entire property. Once again, Stone Made Drives was happy to assist.

Far from a Cookie-Cutter Approach

We chose to employ a randomised “checkboard” pattern with the use of contrasting black and white paving stones. This one-of-a-kind solution offered a sense of originality that would simply be impossible to achieve with other generic solutions. Furthermore, the paving stones pleasantly complimented nearby elements such as a small grassy area and the exterior of the home itself.

An Impressive Facelift

Look no further than the professionals at Stone Made Drives if you wish to transform the entire personality of your garden. We are also pleased to offer additional services such as driveway surfacing, fencing, artificial turf, imprinted concrete, and general landscaping. If you hope to learn more or should you wish to schedule an on-site consultation, take a moment to contact a team leader. We are only moments away!