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Block-Paved Corner Driveway Project

Driveways come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Regardless of the configuration, the main purpose is to provide a safe and convenient means to access a property. As our name already suggests, Stone Made Drives has been providing unique driveway surfacing solutions for well over 25 years.

Having said this, flexibility is also quite important in terms of the driveway in question. One recent project serves to illustrate why nothing but the best will suffice if you hope to enjoy quality results without breaking the bank.

Corner Driveway Block Paving

We were initially contacted by a customer who owned a corner property in a suburban location. So, the driveway itself was quite different in regard to how it would be oriented to the home. After an initial no-obligation consultation, we decided to employ block paving stones in order to accommodate unique access requirements.

As always, preparation was the first major step. We needed to guarantee that the subsoil would support the subsequent layer of block paving stones. Tasks therefore involved compacting and levelling all relevant surfaces while removing excess debris. We then addressed the main portion of this project.

More Than Block Paving Alone

While the use of charcoal grey paving stones and off-white edging represented the main portion of this project, there were other elements that needed to be included. One interesting approach which our team embraced was the use of wooden railway sleepers. These served two primary purposes. They helped to separate the driveway into two sections while also providing additional support to a nearby fence. The organic nature of these sleepers likewise complimented the bold appearance of the grey paving stones that were laid out in a herringbone pattern.

All-in-One Solutions for Your Property

Although this was not an extremely large project, quality is not defined by the footprint of any driveway. We instead seek to supply domestic and commercial customers with a host of options that are best suited for the location in question. This is also one of the reasons why Stone Made Drives has become synonymous with cutting-edge solutions over the years.

Would you like to learn more about how we tackled this project? Perhaps you have other ideas to discuss with our team. If so, send us a quick message. We can then set up a time to visit your location and to determine the best way forward.