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One of the challenges when dealing with driveways located within residential areas involves appreciating how to deal with a somewhat limited amount of space. Still, even smaller driveways will require a bit of maintenance from time to time. The professionals at Stone Made Drives were recently contacted by a Colne homeowner in order to address a handful of issues.

Not only were significant upgrades required, but the entire driveway needed to be stabilised in order to provide a flat and level surface that did not experience any drainage issues. How did we approach this project and what was involved?

The Initial Assessment

We always begin by providing each client with a hands-on consultation. This serves two primary purposes. Not only does it allow us to appreciate the work that is involved, but we can also answer any questions as they arise. In this situation, it was determined that a substantial amount of work would be needed.

The Task at Hand

Although the surface brickwork was relatively intact, the driveway itself required a slight lift in order to level its surface as well as to ensure future stability. This was accomplished by backfilling the subsoil in order to raise the entire area. After the original bricks were reinstalled, they were pressure washed to remove surface stains. Not only did this guarantee a smooth and robust driveway, but the tone of the bricks was restored to its former glory.

Whether you require extensive driveway repairs or smaller maintenance tasks are in order, Stone Made Drives will be happy to assist. Please take a few moments to contact one of our team leaders. We can then make it a point to provide you with a no-obligation consultation.