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Even well-engineered driveways will require maintenance over time. This is particularly the case when referring to areas such as Accrington that are known for rather challenging weather conditions. These are some of the reasons why Stone Made Drives was recently consulted by a local homeowner in order to assess the condition of their driveway.

It was soon discovered that the original series of block paving slabs had endured a fair amount of damage and degradation. Furthermore, their colour had become stained over time. We were presented with two main challenges:

Which type of surfacing solution to choose.

How to compliment the exterior aesthetics of the home.

Let’s take a quick look at how we were able to overcome these issues in no time at all.

The Use of Block Paving Stones

Block paving bricks have become extremely popular driveway surfacing solutions for several reasons. From a visual perspective, they are able to add a bespoke touch of class to any property. They are extremely durable, the stones themselves will lock into place without the need for mortar and a host of appealing patterns can be selected. So, it is clear to see why this option was ultimately selected.

A Curvaceous Sense of Beauty

One unique aspect of this Accrington driveway involved its borders. As opposed to a standard rectangular configuration, this periphery boasted a number of curves. We wished to augment this design while still retaining functionality. We therefore chose to use charcoal grey bricks that were complimented with a double-layered white border. This further punctuated the dimensions of the driveway while providing the front garden with an additional touch of class.

We will be more than happy to provide you with similar services and as always, a representative is standing by if you have any questions. Feel free to complete our online contact form or to contact us by phone.