Some of the projects completed by Stone Made Drives represent nothing more than slight modifications or one-off maintenance tasks. Others are more profound in nature and capable of quickly transforming the appearance of any property. The latter half also represents some of the most rewarding tasks, as such in-depth modifications can have an indelible impact upon the very personality of a home.

A recent undertaking in Accrington is a perfect example of what customers can expect to enjoy when industry-leading experience is combined with customised solutions. Let’s take a closer look at what this project entailed and some of the steps that our team took to ensure what can only be called a stunning outcome.

Planning and Consultations

One of the issues which the team at Stone Made Drives always tries to avoid is a rather generic project outcome. This is why we took the time to consult with the customer in order to explain the options in greater detail. Such a strategy also enabled us to develop a bespoke approach so that personal desires and functionality were never called into question. Once this meeting was completed, the physical work could begin.

What Physical Modifications Were Required?

We use the term “transformation” when referring to this driveway project, and for good reason. Not only did the driveway itself need an entirely new surface, but other elements were required. These included a series of steps up to the front landing of the home as well as wooden railway sleepers used as borders.

Furthermore, the client was not satisfied with the the entranceway of the driveway. It was soon decided that the most effective approach was to increase its width. Not only does a wider entrance address parking concerns, but it provides a better view of the home as well as the new surfaces that were soon to be installed.

The Beauty and Durability of Block Paving Stones

Block paving stones have become one of the most sought-after materials by our customers. There are several reason why this type of surfacing can be seen throughout the United Kingdom. Examples include:

  • These stones can be configured in a number of eye-catching patterns.
  • They provide an excellent way to “break up” what might otherwise appear to be a dull driveway surface.
  • Block paving stones lock one another into place; offering superior levels of stability.
  • These stones are available in a multitude of colours and their hues will not fade over time.

Unlike other surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, each stone needs to be laid by hand. This takes the eye of a trained artisan and naturally, we are satisfied with nothing less than the very best. This attention to detail also enables us to create some unique patterns when requested. In this case, we lined the periphery of the driveway with a series of white stones to accentuate its border.

The same approach was used when dealing with a slightly curved section that was flush with the exterior wall of the home as well as when placing the finishing touches on the series of front steps.

More than a Mere Driveway

There are certain projects which our team views with an innate sense of pride once they have been completed. This recent undertaking in Accrington is a perfect example of how amazing things can be accomplished within a short period of time. Not only did we breathe new life into the existing driveway, but the entire front garden was transformed into a work of art.

As always, please feel free to take a closer look at what was involved to understand why Stone Made Drives has enjoyed such popularity in recent times. We also ask you to contact us directly so that we can discuss what it is that you require in greater detail.