Patio, Steps and Driveway Project

Some of the tasks performed by Stone Made Drives are centred around the concept of functionality. Others are designed to increase the lifespan of an existing surface or to enhance the appeal of a garden. Having said this, a small proportion of our undertakings results in second-to-none levels of beauty.

These premium requests showcase the skills of our team members and perhaps more importantly, they will often provide the property itself with a bespoke sense of luxury that might not be feasible when dealing with standard approaches. Let’s take a look at these observations by summarising a real-life project that was recently completed.

Meeting with the Customer

The first step to take when solving any problem is understanding what the customer is hoping to achieve. Stone Made Drives therefore met with the property owner to discuss the options in more detail. This also gave us the opportunity to provide targeted suggestions and concepts. It was soon decided that an existing gravel patio should be replaced with a series of porcelain patio slabs.

It also made sense to install a new driveway surface during this very same project. The ultimate goal here was to save time and money while avoiding lengthy disruptions that could impact the life of the customer. Once an effective “game plan” was put in place, we were ready to begin.

Preparation Before Installing the Slabs

It can be argued that the most important portion of any exterior project involves the associated preparatory steps. In this case, we first removed any debris atop the relevant surfaces before levelling and compacting the ground. This is essential in terms of guaranteeing that the paving slabs and block paving stones would not shift or subside over time.

Artisanal Expertise for Premium Results

The back patio was significantly large and it therefore warranted a fair amount of attention. Each porcelain paving slab needed to be laid in place according to precise measurements. Similar to creating a brick wall, even a single crooked element would inevitably affect the remainder of the project. The good news is that our experts are always up to the task. This resulted in a patio, side walkway and series of steps that were light years ahead of the previous gravel surfaces in terms of beauty and minimalist luxury.

Of course, the driveway also needed to be addressed. The customer chose to work with block paving stones due to their stunning visual nature as well as their ability to withstand the elements. Another important issue here was that the stones helped to accentuate the existing brickwork of the home. We chose to employ a staggered pattern within the driveway. These stones were thereafter provided with a border around the periphery.

All About the Finer Details

Any job doing is worth doing right. This is the very same mantra that the professionals at Stone Made Drives have always believed in. Of course, the proof is in the proverbial pudding. The use of high-end porcelain patio slabs immediately transformed the appearance of the back garden and a new driveway helped to tie this area in with the remainder of the property. Furthermore, the materials utilised will require very little maintenance in order to retain their beauty for years into the future. Needless to say, our team and the property owner were exceedingly pleased with the outcome of this project.

While we are perfectly capable of tackling premium requirements, let’s keep in mind that Stone Made Drives is happy to address the needs of anyone who is governed by a tight budget. We also offer a host of other solutions including:

  • Disabled access
  • Walls and brickwork
  • Artificial grass
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping

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