Fencing and Indian Sandstone Project in Bury

Every garden requires a bit of an upgrade on occasion. Some of these projects can be completed with a relatively short period of time while others are instead associated with a fair amount of professional intervention. One example of the latter half of this statement can be seen in a recent undertaking in Bury that was completed by the team at Stone Made Drives.

We were initially consulted by a property owner who wished to improve the appearance of a rather large garden. The existing patio had become extremely damaged and nearby fencing was no longer functioning as it should. It was quickly decided that new materials were in order. Let’s take a look at what was involved as well as the final outcome.

Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs

From a visual standpoint, the use of sandstone paving slabs represented the centrepiece of this project. These slabs were used to replace the older patio as well as to create a pathway leading to one corner of the garden. Due to the slope of the land, our team also employed a series of wooden sleepers in order to guarantee that the patio remained flat.

Enhanced Levels of Functional Privacy

We likewise replaced numerous sections of outdated fencing with vertical wood planks that were reinforced with concrete supports. Not only will this new fence provide the entire garden with superior levels of privacy, but it serves to aesthetically compliment the nearby sandstone patio slabs.

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