New Tarmac Road Surfacing in Burnley

Mankind has been creating durable roads since at least as far back as the Roman times. Of course, technology has advanced over the years and we can now rely upon some of the most modern surfacing solutions in existence. Tarmac is a common material due to its cost, longevity and ease of application. Thus, it did not come as a surprise when the team at Stone Made Drives was contacted in order to improve a local road within the township of Burnley.

Time for a Change

Any road will suffer a significant amount of wear and tear over the years. This is why targeted maintenance solutions need to be provided so that safety is never called into question. We therefore began be examining the existing surface in order to better determine what types of repairs were needed. It did not take long to discover that the best strategy involved placing a new layer of tarmac over the entire road.

The good news is that this process does not require much time thanks to cutting-edge automated machinery. Simply stated, even long stretches of road can be completed without causing inconveniences to nearby residents. Not only will this new surface be able to stand up to the elements for years into the future, but it will also provide an additional level of safety to drivers during inclement conditions. Finally, the uniform appearance of tarmac is beneficial from a purely visual perspective.

Please note that tarmac surfacing solutions are only one of the many options offered by Stone Made Drives. From bespoke fencing and custom-made patios to brickwork and personalised landscaping, our professionals are always here to help. Take a moment to contact us if you would like to reserve a hassle-free consultation at your convenience.