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Project Overview

This project involved the renovation of a patio area using Indian Sandstone in the color Kindle Grey in Ramsbottom. The objective was to replace an old, worn-out patio with a fresh, modern look while preserving the rustic charm of the surrounding stone walls. Below is an analysis of the project, including its stages, materials used, and the final outcome.

Before and After Comparison


  • The original patio had an aged and uneven surface.
  • The stone slabs were old, discolored, and covered with dirt and moss.
  • The area lacked a cohesive and clean aesthetic, reducing the overall appeal of the space.


  • The new patio is laid with Indian Sandstone in Kindle Grey, offering a clean and contemporary appearance.
  • The slabs are evenly placed, providing a smooth and level surface.
  • The updated patio enhances the overall look of the property, blending seamlessly with the rustic stone walls.
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Materials Used

  1. Indian Sandstone (Kindle Grey):
    • Chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal.
    • Provides a modern yet natural look that complements the existing stonework.
  2. Jointing Compound:
    • Used to fill the gaps between the sandstone slabs.
    • Ensures stability and prevents weed growth.

Construction Stages

  1. Site Preparation:
    • Removal of old stone slabs and clearing the area of debris and dirt.
    • Leveling the ground to create a stable base for the new patio.
  2. Base Installation:
    • Laying a sub-base of compacted hardcore to ensure a solid foundation.
    • Adding a layer of sharp sand to provide a level surface for the sandstone slabs.
  3. Laying the Sandstone:
    • Arranging the Indian Sandstone slabs in a pattern that enhances the space.
    • Ensuring even spacing and alignment for a professional finish.
    • Cutting the slabs where necessary to fit the area precisely.
  4. Jointing:
    • Applying a jointing compound between the slabs to secure them in place.
    • Ensuring all joints are filled properly to prevent movement and weed growth.
  5. Finishing Touches:
    • Cleaning the surface to remove any excess compound and dirt.
    • Inspecting the final product to ensure all slabs are securely placed and level.

Final Outcome

The completed project transformed a tired and uneven patio into a stylish and functional outdoor space. The Indian Sandstone in Kindle Grey provides a fresh, contemporary look that enhances the property’s aesthetic. The smooth, even surface of the new patio makes it more usable and visually appealing. The integration of the new slabs with the existing stone walls maintains the rustic charm of the area while offering a modern upgrade.


This project demonstrates the significant impact of using high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship to renovate an outdoor space. The transformation from an old, worn-out patio to a beautiful, functional area highlights the importance of proper planning and execution. This case study serves as an excellent example of how to enhance the aesthetic and practical value of a property with a well-designed patio installation.