burnley tarmac driveway 05

Project Overview

This project involved the extension and resurfacing of a tarmac driveway to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal. The aim was to create additional parking space and improve the overall look of the property. Below is an analysis of the project, including its stages, materials used, and the final outcome.

Before and After Comparison


  • The original driveway was narrow and limited in space, restricting the number of vehicles that could be parked.
  • The surrounding grass areas were unkempt and not utilized efficiently.
  • The existing driveway showed signs of wear and tear, detracting from the property’s curb appeal.


  • The extended driveway now provides ample space for additional parking.
  • The newly laid tarmac is smooth and uniform, significantly improving the driveway’s appearance.
  • The extended area blends seamlessly with the existing driveway, creating a cohesive look.
burnley tarmac driveway 03burnley tarmac driveway 04

Materials Used

  1. Tarmac:
    • Used for resurfacing and extending the driveway.
    • Provides a durable and smooth surface.
    • Resistant to weathering and heavy use.
  2. Edging Materials:
    • Used to create defined boundaries for the driveway.
    • Enhances the overall appearance and prevents tarmac from spreading.

Construction Stages

  1. Site Preparation:
    • Clearing the grass and vegetation from the areas designated for driveway extension.
    • Excavating the soil to create a stable base for the tarmac.
  2. Base Installation:
    • Laying a sub-base of crushed stone and compacting it to provide a solid foundation.
    • Ensuring proper leveling to prevent water pooling and ensure longevity.
  3. Edging Installation:
    • Installing edging materials to define the boundaries of the new driveway.
    • Ensuring the edges are secure and aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Tarmac Laying:
    • Applying a layer of tarmac to the prepared base.
    • Compacting the tarmac to create a smooth, durable surface.
    • Seamlessly integrating the new tarmac with the existing driveway.
  5. Finishing Touches:
    • Cleaning the area to remove any debris and excess materials.
    • Inspecting the final product to ensure quality and uniformity.

Final Outcome

The completed project has successfully transformed a limited and worn-out driveway into a spacious and visually appealing parking area. The extended tarmac driveway provides sufficient space for multiple vehicles, enhancing the property’s functionality. The smooth, black surface of the new tarmac improves the aesthetic appeal of the property, contributing to a well-maintained and modern look.


This project highlights the benefits of extending and resurfacing driveways to improve both functionality and appearance. By using high-quality materials and ensuring meticulous execution, the final product meets the homeowner’s needs and enhances the property’s overall value. This case study serves as an excellent example of how driveway extensions can effectively utilize available space and contribute to the property’s curb appeal.