Light Grey Driveway in Burnley

Some gardens require slightly more restorative work. The fact of the matter is that many property owners simply do not have the time to attend to such details. Thankfully, Stone Made Drives is only a phone call away. A customer in Burley recently contacted us in the hopes that an existing driveway could be provided with a complete overhaul. Let’s take a quick look at our professional approach as well as the final outcome.

A Touch of Manual Labour

Preparation is key when installing any type of new driveway. So, our team began by removing existing debris from the front garden. This involved manual labour as well as the use of modern machinery. The new gravel surface could then be levelled and compacted; eliminating potential drainage issues as well as providing a firm base for the subsequent paving stones.

The Use of Light Grey Paving Stones

Paving stones have become extremely popular for several reasons. From a functional point of view, they are able to withstand harsh weather elements when properly maintained. They offer a classy appearance to any location and a new driveway can even cause an increase to the value of the property itself.

Our artisans employed a herringbone pattern (a very popular choice due to its mesmerising appearance). This was then complimented by a peripheral border of alternating white and grey stones. This type of edging serves to imbue the driveway surface with even more stability by essentially “locking” the herringbone pattern in place. We likewise appreciated the fact that a white border would work in synergy with the existing exterior trim of the home. After all, beauty is nothing without balance!

All About an Attention to Detail

Not only will this driveway offer years of reliable use, but it easily transformed the kerb appeal of this Burnley property. These are two of the many reasons why Stone Made Drives is contacted when nothing but the best will suffice.

We pride ourselves in a second-to-none attention to detail alongside the ability to meet even the highest of customer expectations. If you wish to enjoy similar results, please take a few moments to contact one of our team leaders directly. We can then schedule a no-obligation consultation. Why settle for anything less than the best when maintaining your property?