Indian Sandstone Patio in Bury

One of the reasons why Stone Made Drives has enjoyed so much success over the years is that regardless of its size, we treat every project with an equal amount of due diligence. We firmly believe that even the smallest of gardens can be transformed into works of art with a personalised approach. This mantra is completely relevant when briefly discussing a recently completed back patio located in Bury. What steps were involved and what was the final outcome?

A Much-Needed Renovation

This garden was in a slight state of disrepair and its gravel surface was far from ideal. Thus, we made it a point to consult with the customer in order to discuss the different options. It was decided that Indian sandstone paving slabs were the most appropriate choice. We were then able to remove the existing debris while compacting and levelling the surface before the stones would be laid in place.

The Use of Sandstone Paving Slabs

There are a handful of reasons why we elected to use Indian sandstone for this Bury home:

  • Sandstone is very easy to cut and manipulate.
  • Its naturally porous nature offers excellent drainage qualities.
  • Sandstone comes in a variety of stunning tones.
  • This hard-wearing material is extremely durable.

The stones were cut to different sizes before being permanently mortared in place (this offered the patio with a somewhat three-dimensional visual quality). We also installed brindle paving stones around the periphery. These types of stones are easy to install due to their uniform size and they provide an excellent return on investment. Furthermore, brindle blocks offered a means to punctuate the borders of the patio without detracting from the appearance of the internal sandstone slabs.

Beauty that is Engineered to Last

Not only did this new patio provide the entire property with a facelift, but it was able to underscore the exterior appearance of the home. With a bit of timely maintenance, such a patio can last for decades at a time with few issues.

This is only one of the many professional services that the team at Stone Made Paving performs on a daily basis. If you have grown tired with the appearance of your property, why not take a few moments and give us a call? We can then set up a time to discuss your options in greater detail.