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Project Overview

This project involved the renovation of a backyard space, including the installation of a new patio, construction of a sleeper wall and steps, and landscaping with new turf. The materials used for the patio were Indian sandstone in a 600 x 900 mm size, laid in a stretcher bond pattern in Kendall Gray with black pointing. Additionally, an acro gully drain system was implemented to ensure proper drainage. Below is an analysis of the project, detailing the stages, materials used, and the final outcome.

Before and After Comparison


  • The backyard was in poor condition, with cracked and dried soil and an unappealing overall look.
  • There was no defined patio area, and the ground was uneven and unsuitable for outdoor activities.
  • The space lacked proper drainage, causing water pooling issues.


  • The new patio is a standout feature, with beautifully laid Indian sandstone in Kendall Gray.
  • The black pointing between the stones adds a striking contrast and a neat finish.
  • The new wooden sleeper wall and steps create defined areas and add to the garden’s aesthetic.
  • The garden is now landscaped with fresh turf, providing a lush, green space for relaxation and activities.
  • An acro gully drain system ensures efficient water management, preventing any future drainage issues.

Materials Used

  1. Indian Sandstone (Kendall Gray):
    • Used for the patio surface.
    • Provides a durable and attractive flooring option.
    • The 600 x 900 mm size laid in a stretcher bond pattern offers a contemporary look.
  2. Black Pointing:
    • Fills the gaps between the sandstone slabs.
    • Enhances the appearance by providing a sharp contrast.
  3. Wooden Sleepers:
    • Used to construct the wall and steps.
    • Adds a rustic yet modern feel to the garden.
    • Durable and weather-resistant.
  4. Turf:
    • High-quality grass used for the lawn.
    • Ensures a green, lush appearance.
  5. Acro Gully Drain System:
    • Installed to manage water runoff.
    • Prevents water pooling and enhances drainage efficiency.

Construction Stages

  1. Site Preparation:
    • Removal of old, cracked soil and any existing debris.
    • Leveling the ground to create a smooth, even surface for the new installations.
  2. Patio Installation:
    • Laying the Indian sandstone slabs in a stretcher bond pattern.
    • Applying black pointing between the slabs for a clean, finished look.
    • Ensuring all slabs are level and securely set.
  3. Sleeper Wall and Steps Construction:
    • Cutting and fitting wooden sleepers to create a retaining wall.
    • Building steps to provide easy access and enhance the garden layout.
    • Securing the sleepers to ensure stability and durability.
  4. Turf Installation:
    • Preparing the soil by adding necessary nutrients and leveling.
    • Laying new turf to cover the garden area.
    • Watering and maintaining the turf to ensure proper rooting and growth.
  5. Drainage System Installation:
    • Installing an acro gully drain system around the patio and garden.
    • Connecting the drainage system to existing water management infrastructure.
    • Testing the system to ensure effective water runoff.
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Final Outcome

The completed project transformed a previously uninviting backyard into a beautiful, functional outdoor space. The new patio provides a perfect area for outdoor activities and relaxation, while the sleeper wall and steps add structure and aesthetic appeal. The fresh turf offers a lush, green environment, and the acro gully drain system ensures the area remains dry and usable regardless of weather conditions. The combination of high-quality materials and skilled workmanship resulted in a garden that enhances the property’s value and provides a pleasant outdoor space for the homeowners.


This project showcases the significant impact that thoughtful landscaping and quality materials can have on an outdoor space. The transformation from a barren, cracked backyard to a vibrant, functional garden highlights the importance of proper planning, material selection, and execution. This case study serves as an excellent example of how to effectively renovate and landscape a garden to achieve both aesthetic and practical benefits.