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Large-Scale Estate Tarmac Project

Stone Made Drives has been providing quality surfacing solutions for more than 25 years. While we are often associated with domestic projects, it needs to be stressed that we are just as capable of dealing with more challenging commercial tasks. One particularly popular option involves the use of tarmac when dealing with larger areas due to the cost-effective nature alongside its well-known durability.

We were recently contacted by a commercial customer in order to discuss the options involving a spacious estate. Due to the sheer size of this location, it was immediately clear that efficiency represented a top priority. We also appreciated that the project needed to be completed within a timely fashion in order to ensure that access was not affected.

How did we approach this project? What steps were involved? If you own a commercial property or you are simply interested to learn more about how the team at Stone Made Drives functions, the details outlined below will come in handy.

A Focus on Preparation

It is important that any surface is properly prepared before any surfacing solution is applied. This is even more relevant when tackling larger locations, as even small errors can result in costly and frustrating delays. Such a strategy also helps to ensure that future issues such as poor drainage can be prevented.

So, our team began by carefully surveying the area. We were then able to determine which locations required further attention. Tasks included levelling the ground and compacting the subsoil so that the tarmac would be provided with a strong foundation.

Applying the Tarmac

There are instances¡when manual tarmac surfacing methods can be used; particularly when dealing with residential properties. This was certainly not the case due to the sheer size of the location in question. We therefore employed various types of cutting-edge machinery in order to expedite the entire process. The surface was completed within an amenable time frame and perhaps most importantly, customers of this private estate can now enjoy years of unfettered use.

We were extremely satisfied with the end result and yet another client walked away happy. Of course, please remember that tarmac surfacing is only one of the many options offered by the professionals at Stone Made Drives. If you wish to learn more or a no-obligation consultation is in order, please take a moment to speak with us directly.