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There are certain times when a bit of change can add even more class to an already stunning property. After all, we need to remember that a home should represent a lifetime investment. Why not treat it as such? This was the exact same approach that the team at Stone Made Drives embraced when completing a recent project in Accrington. Let us take a look at how this stunning block paved driveway was created before examining a handful of its unique benefits.

Preparing to Kill Two Birds with a Single Stone

Many homeowners choose to complete multiple projects within the same time frame in order to avoid long-term disruptions to their daily lives. In the case of this home in Accrington, work was already proceeding on the front wall of the property. After a one-off and personalised consultation, we decided that it would be best to simultaneously install a new driveway.

Choosing the Materials

This driveway was rather large, as it was intended to accommodate multiple vehicles. This is why selecting the appropriate surface represented an extremely important step. Although imprinted concrete and asphalt are well-known choices, we concluded that block paving stones were the most aesthetically pleasing solution in this case. Not only would this material help to compliment the existing brick facade of the home, but our team could create unique patterns on the surface itself. For this project, we chose an herringbone design.

block paved drive accrington before 01block paved drive accrington after 01

The Installation Process

After the existing asphalt driveway surface had been removed and once the nearby gravel was levelled, we began to install the block paving stones. While the grey herringbone style is unique in and of itself, let’s remember that the installation process requires time and patience. Even the smallest angular deviation will cause massive issues, so our team left nothing to chance

Creating the Driveway Borders

Not only will borders help to define the outline of a driveway, but they can help to tie its overall appearance together. We opted to embed two parallel stripes of white bricks around the periphery of this driveway; allowing a single row of grey bricks to remain in between the inner and outer borders

The Benefits of a Block Paved Driveway

There are many benefits to enjoy when choosing a block paved driveway. As the bricks themselves fit together tightly, there is no need to use any mortar between the joints. However, the individual stones can still expand and contract in order to accommodate for temperature changes. In other words, block paved driveways are highly unlikely to crack. Water can drain into the ground below and therefore, homeowners will also not have to worry about flooding during periods of heavy rain.

Are you curious to learn more about how we tackled this project? Would you like to schedule a no-obligation consultation? If so, take a moment to contact us at your earliest possible convenience. We will be more than happy to help!