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What are some of the most effective ways to transform the appearance of your garden? While landscaping, lighting and fencing all play crucial roles, we should never forget the importance of a well-designed pathway. These were some of the very same options that were discussed during a recent meeting with a client in Bury. What were the experts at Stone Made Drives able to accomplish? We will take a closer look at this question immediately below.

Removing Previous Stonework

We were first required to move all of the existing block paving slabs. From within the path and nearby areas. This enabled us to compact and level the associated surfaces so that the new paving bricks would remain straight and true. The entire pathway was also slightly raised in relation to the ground. This is always a logical solution in terms of preventing any drainage issues. In terms of aesthetics, a herringbone pattern defined the interior pathway; complimenting the exterior of the nearby home.

The Finishing Touches

It was also decided that a small brick wall would be placed around the periphery of the path and near the entrance to the home. Once again, this provided a visually balanced appeal without overwhelming the natural garden environment. Unsurprisingly, the homeowner was quite pleased with the final outcome.

Whether you require a new garden pathway, a driveway or even a patio designed from scratch, Stone Made Drives will not disappoint. The best way to examine your options is to give us a call or to fill out our online contact form. One of our contractors will then be in contact.