Block Paving Driveway Project in Burnley

When was the last time that you examined the condition of your driveway? How frequently is it cleaned and maintained? If you are like most homeowners, the chances are high that this area of your property may have been neglected. This is when it is always best to speak with the team at Stone Made Drives.

In fact, a recently completed project in Burnley clearly illustrates what can be achieved when working together with our experts. How did we approach this task, what materials were used and why was the outcome so stunningly original?

Consulting with the Client and Preparatory Steps

We always begin by speaking with the client. This enables us to determine what type of look they are hoping to achieve. We can also address any questions so that no stone (pun intended) is left unturned. This was likewise when the decision to employ block paving stones was confirmed.

We then removed the existing driveway surface before levelling and compacting the subsoil. This is actually of the most important stages, as driveways that are not equipped with a strong foundation will become damaged within a short period of time.

The Installation of Block Paving Stones

Due to the exacting nature of these bricks, each stone will be installed by hand. We opted to utilise what is known in the industry as a “stretcher bond” pattern (similar to how bricks are staggered when creating a wall). This was also the most logical solution, as the stones themselves would aesthetically match the exterior of the home. This pattern was then complimented by a series of perpendicular bricks that were placed around the border of the new driveway.

The Final Result Was Well Worth the Effort

While this project was rather small when compared to some of our undertakings, the satisfaction upon completing such a task is just as impressive. The customer was extremely happy with the outcome and as always, the team at Stone Made Drives once again lived up to their reputation.

Please note that this is only one of the many types of driveway paving solutions that we offer. Not only can you choose from a host of unique patterns, but other materials can be employed in accordance with your tastes as well as the driveway in question. If you wish to learn more about our services or in the event that a consultation is required, please give Stone Made drives a call. We are always standing by.