Accrington Country House Charcoal Block Paving

One of the most appealing aspects of any country house is the timeless sense of beauty that it is often able to exhibit. Of course, a bit of maintenance will also be required on occasion. This is when the team at Stone Made Drives is always here to help. We were recently asked to provide an in-depth consultation in regard to an existing driveway that needed to be provided with a touch of class. Our team rose to the occasion and as always, the results were stunning to behold.

Basic Preparatory Steps

The driveway of this country house had undoubtedly seen better days. Its surface was damaged and as a result, its appearance affected the appeal of the entire property. Our team was first tasked with removing the existing materials as well as levelling the subsurface. This would provide a strong and even foundation for the subsequent block paving stones.

The Use of Block Paving Stones

There are several reasons why we opted to use paving stones for this project. Not only are these extremely durable materials, but they were capable of complimenting the exterior of the home with a bespoke sense of balanced beauty. Furthermore, the various shades of natural paving stones will imbue any driveway or walkway with a unique personality of its own. In terms of sheer originality, few solutions trump this approach.

Charcoal Key Curb Edging

We then chose to line the periphery of this large driveway with charcoal-coloured edging stones. This provided a clean border and helped to tie the central elements together. Of course, this type of edging also provides a functional purpose. They help to keep other stones in place. Thus, the lifespan of the driveway will be increased as a direct result.

The Finished Product

Not only was the visual appeal of this country home forever transformed, but block paving stones provided a clean and decidedly sophisticated overall appearance. The customer was extremely satisfied with the final outcome and we were once again able to rise above industry expectations.

Were you impressed by the results of this project? Would you like to know about the other services offered by the team at Stone Made Drives? These are only two of the many reasons to give us a call or to schedule a consultation. You will be surprised to learn what we are able to accomplish within a short period of time.