block paving driveway after

We get many requests from our customers in Lancashire to install new driveways because we are a very reliable, trustworty and one of the best patio and driveway companies around. We use all our own machinery, source materials from local companies and complete projects in the time frame given.

This week we completed another driveway project using block paving.

Our driveway experts did this by digging up an old concrete driveway that had served its purpose for many years.

We used our own diggers to do this and disposed of any old concrete that could not be used while installing this new driveway.  We dug down to about 12 inches. While this was being done, the type 1 MOT that we needed was delievered. This was laid across the whole area, creating the foundations for the driveway. Any drainage that was needed was put into place.

We then laid a membrane sheeting on top of the whole area. This would prevent any moss and weeds from growing through. Sharp sand screed was then added to the ground and then using a spirit level, we levelled it off leaving a flat surface which would then be ready for the block paving to be laid on.

We showed our customers a wide range of blocks that they could choose from. They liked the look of the red coloured blocks. They then chose to have a charcoal coloured border which was laid around the whole area of the new driveway. The red coloured blocks were then laid in a 45 degree pattern inside of this.

Once the driveway was completed, we swept up any debree and sand that was left on the driveway. Our customers were really happy with their new driveway and have already recommended us to their family and friends.