Garden Transformation Project in Bury

Most of us are already aware that space tend to be at a premium throughout many rural locations within the United Kingdom. Bury is certainly a prime example and while some gardens are rather diminutive in size, they can still be transformed into veritable works of art by working with the cadre of experts at Stone Made Drives.

One property owner in Bury contacted us in regard to the condition of an existing back garden. We thereafter scheduled a time to visit the location and it was determined that various repairs were in order. What approaches did we take and how were these reflected in the final outcome?

Addressing Numerous Elements

There were a handful of issues that needed to be addressed during this renovation. An existing series of concrete paving slabs had become discoloured and damaged due to the elements. The owner also wished to add a gravel border around a central patch of turf in order to break up the perceived amount of space. In the same respect, a fair amount of material needed to be removed in order to provide a clear working area to our employees. Simply stated, there were numerous stages associated with this renovation.

We nonetheless addressed even the smallest of details in order to ensure a successful outcome. Not only did the addition of new paving slabs breathe a bit of much-needed life into the patio, but a white gravel border surrounding a central patch of turf added a decidedly organic flavour to the entire area.

Regardless of the dimensions of your garden, Stone Made Drives leaves nothing to chance. Would you like to consult with one of our specialists or is a no-obligation consultation in order? Either way, take a moment to speak with us directly.