Garden Patio in Clitheroe

When was the last time you examined the condition of your garden patio? Many property owners are simply too busy to constantly monitor these surfaces. This eventually dictates that a repair or even an entire replacement is required. For instance, Stone Made Drives was recently consulted by a homeowner in Clitheroe in order to assess the state of an existing stone slab patio. It was soon discovered that the surfaces in question had seen better days. After a hands-on consultation, we decided that it was best to replace these older slabs with new Indian sandstone.

What is the Appeal of Indian Sandstone?

There are several reasons why Indian sandstone is one of our most popular products. Here are some factors:

  • This stone is easy to cut and manipulate.
  • These surfaces come in a wide variety of attractive hues.
  • It can withstand a variety of temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Indian sandstone is a relatively cost-effective option for patios and walkways.
  • Having said this, we also wanted to mirror the configuration of the initial patio. Our team therefore cut stone squares and rectangles of different sizes. These were then fit firmly into place; resulting in an attractive and entirely unique geometric pattern.

Beauty that is Built to Last

There were several additional components of this project to mention as well. We added a central section of artificial turf, new wooden fencing, two steps leading into the house, and a series of railway sleepers to support a nearby flower bed.

Ultimately, the homeowner was exceedingly pleased with the outcome of this project. If you are hoping to transform your garden in a similar fashion, remember that the professionals at Stone Made Drives are only a phone call away.