tagler tumbled block paving lancashire 14

This project for a householder was to install a new driveway, matching garden path and a new retaining wall. This was to be done for our clients in Lancashire who had a large front garden that was under utilised.

They asked us if it was possible to remove all of the grass from one side of the garden and replace it with hard standing and with the client we chose a type of Block Paving known as Tagler rough tumbled paving blocks as they wanted a new practical driveway, that required minimal maintenance, was hard-wearing and  that looked amazing.

We were happy to take up this challenge and of course this was possible for our experienced team. Our paving experts have had many years of experience enhancing the look to many properties by removing old concrete driveways and grass areas and replacing them with new driveways made from Tagler rough tumbled paving blocks, block paving, imprinted concrete and tarmac. The client was delighted and as you can see from the before and after photos the end result was a massive improvement.

Before the new driveway could be installed, we had to remove the large hedge thats stood very tall to the front of the garden. Once this was removed, we could get our diggers in to dig up one side of the garden. All the grass was removed. We then dug up the old concrete path. The area was levelled off using the correct machinery. The next stage was to add type 1 MOT stone to create the foundations. A sharp sand screed was added and again levelled off using a spirit level ensuring the area was flat.

We then started by laying the retaining brick wall to one side of the garden We left a gap between the brick wall and the fence panels and filled this with soil allowing our clients to plant flowers once the project was completed.

Our expert brick layers built another retaining brick wall to the other side of the garden. This was in the shape of a semi circle and then sloped down making the enterance to the driveway stand out more. They also laid a thin layer of bricks around the garden. This acted as a lovely border that seperated the driveway from the new garden path.

Using charcoal coloured blocks, we created yet another border around the garden where the driveway was going to be installed. Using the Tagler rough tumbled paving blocks that our clients chose, we laid these in the middle creating the lovely driveway area big enough for 2 or more cars.

Our professional pavers then started installing the new pathway using the same coloured blocks as the new driveway. We think the whole transformation made the garden look amazing and our clients agreed.

Again we provided a first class service completing this driveway project in the time frame given.

If you see something you like in any of the projects we have completed, then please give us a call and let us see what we can do for you.